Our Place


Our Green Room as air-conditioning for Vanuatu’s hot and humid Summer nights.
We invite you to enjoy our fresh Trade Winds breeze by opening your Eastern window (Purple Room and Green Room) or spend some time ‘al fresco’ on our pleasant terrace. We have pedestal fans available on request at no extra cost.

Airport Transfers

Airport transfers can be arranged with a local bus driver, a taxi or a dedicated airport transfer company.

Below are some average prices from/to the airport for your information:
– Local bus driver: VUV 150 per person (might be more pending on your luggage)
– Transfer company: VUV 1,800 per person.
– Taxi vehicle: VUV 2,000 per journey.

Credit Cards / Banks And Money Changer

Our guesthouse currently doesn’t accept credit card payments. Cash only please.
ANZ, BSP, BRED and NBV branches are located downtown and you will see ATMs at various points around downtown (closest ones are 500m away: Au Bon Marche and Vanuatu Handicraft Market). Goodies Forex and No1 Currency Exchange money changers have several locations on the main street downtown and offer good exchange rates.


An outside barbecue area is at your disposal. Feel free to use it and enjoy Vanuatu’s famous organic beef. We recommend Vanuatu Butchery meat located a mere 15mn walk from the Vanuatu Rainbow Lodge.
Rumpsteak: VUV 1,180/Kg

Bath And Pool Towels

Please return the towels to your room after use in the bathroom or at the pool. We care for the environment and if you are happy to re-use the towel, please hang it on the towel rail. If it is on the floor we will replace them. There is also a Hills Hoist clothes hanger in the garden for hanging wet bathing-suits outside.


We offer a complimentary tropical breakfast (chocolate powder/ coffee/ (UHT) milk/ tea/ tropical smoothie (upon seasonal fruits availability) and fresh pastry/ loaves of bread and jam/ honey/ marmalade/ peanut butter).

Buses And Taxis

Public transport (buses and taxis) can be flagged anywhere in the streets and are identified by a red ‘B’ on the number plate of a bus or a red ‘T’ on the number plate of a taxi. The bus fare into town is VUV150 per person. When you flag down the bus driver, ask him if he is driving in the direction you want to go. Note that Taxis do not have fare meters so you will have to negotiate a price. We recommend you to take the ‘Tourism Ambassador’ labeled Taxis as the drivers have taken customer service training from the Department of Tourism.

Cancellation Policy

The following payment and cancellation policy guidelines apply. Please note it is advisable to protect the investment in your trip or vacation by means of travel insurance. We accept your credit card details as surety for the booking.

  • First night must be paid in full advance
  • If cancelled 3 days/ 72 hours prior to arrival – full refund.
  • If cancelled less than 3 days/ 72 hours prior to arrival or no show – no refund.

Check-In & Check-Out

Late arrivals and check-ins after hours can be pre-arranged and accommodated. Please notify your host at least 3 days/ 72 hours prior to arrival. It is possible you will not gain entry when you arrive if your time is not confirmed. We make every effort to accommodate guest schedules while taking into account arrival/ departure of existing guests and necessary cleaning times. If you need assistance with early luggage drop-off or late pick-up, please contact us.

Check-in: 12pm-02pm or after 05pm. We offer earlier luggage drop-off.
Check-out: before 10am. Late check-out can be arranged with the management subject to availability.


For your comfort and make sure you relax as much as you want, the guesthouse caters for guests over 16yo.

Cleaning And Housekeeping

The Vanuatu Rainbow Lodge offers daily partial cleanings. You will find the place clean when you arrive and it will be cleaned when you depart. Guests shall maintain the rented premises in a clean and orderly condition. If we incur additional cleaning charges, we will add the amount to your rate.
We have almost daily housekeeping and the bed linen is changed every 3 days. Please ask the housekeeper for top-up of any items in your room or if you need assistance regarding housekeeping matters.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Charles, our handyman and gardener, may also be able to assist on Tuesday and Thursday if needed (07.30am-03.30pm).

Clothing-Optional Sunbathing Areas

We offer several clothing-optional areas: on the terrace/pool deck, on the roof-terrace and in our backyard.

Cooking/ Kitchen

The Vanuatu Rainbow Lodge kitchen is fully-equipped with all necessary cooking equipment: plates and cutlery, a gas stove and a refrigerator, a microwave and a rice-cooker, an electrical kettle and a toaster, a coffee-machine and a sandwich-maker, etc.
All guests living in the guesthouse can use this kitchen free of charge.
Please clean-up and pick-up after yourself, and be mindful of the other guests.
Please don’t take food that doesn’t belong to you; reusable grocery bags are available if needed to separate your belongings from others.
Some basic cooking ingredients may be available, courtesy of the management and previous guests.


The Vanuatu Rainbow Lodge is in residential area. In consideration of neighbors and other guests, please do not make any unlawful, noisy or otherwise offensive use of the rented premises, nor commit or permit any nuisance to exist thereon, nor cause damage to the rented premises, nor create any substantial interference with the rights, comfort, safety, or enjoyment to the owner or other guests. The law under the Control of Nocturnal Noise Act makes it an offense to sing, shout, play a musical instrument or make other unreasonable noise within the town limits of Port-Vila between the hours of 09.00pm and 05.00am of the following morning so as to cause annoyance to the inhabitants of the town.

Eco Friendly & Waste Management

Electricity: Vanuatu Rainbow Lodge has been through an expensive process of replacing most of the old-style round incandescent bulbs by modern LED and fluorescent ceiling lights. Many of our devices run on rechargeable batteries.
Water : There are two water cisterns (1,100L and 500L) which collect pure Vanuatu rain water. We warmly encourage you to use them (we actually fill our drinkable water bottles with it, use it for washing and gardening) as heavy tropical rains are frequent in Vanuatu.

We try our best to reuse, reduce and recycle Vanuatu Rainbow Lodge waste as we endeavor in making our tropical islands a safe and healthy place.
Batteries : Please let us know if you want to dispose batteries as we do collect them for recycling purposes.
Glass : We collect glass containers too. Please leave them aside and we will re-use them.
Metal : There is several color-coded plastic bins under the carport where cans, tins, aluminium and steel items are welcomed. It will be sent to Recycle Corp.
Organic : There is a white-plastic container located in the kitchen for all organic waste. There will be a Vermicompost area located behind the house, please save your organic waste as worms will turn it in usable mulch.
Paper: There is a yellow plastic bin located under the same carport where you can throw your cartons and cardboards, magazines and newspapers.
Plastic bottles : Please don’t throw them away as these containers are always sought by locals to be reused.


The electricity supply is 240V. Any American or European hairdryers using 110 volts will be damaged if used without the correct transformers.


The Vanuatu Rainbow Lodge is located on top of a gentle slope which gives plenty of fresh air with the Trade Winds. It is nicely settled among a tropical garden with numerous fruit trees (such as avocados, bananas, passion fruits, pawpaws). The house is surrounded by aromatic plants (like kaffir lemon, lemongrass, mint, sage, thyme) and medicinal plants (aloe vera). Tropical flowers are not in rest as bougainvillea, frangipani, heliconia and hibiscus flocked the surroundings.

Guesthouse Review

As we are a new guesthouse, please help us by reporting any issues you may have to the management and we will correct them. Please help us spread the word by posting your (hopefully complimentary!) review of our guesthouse on Trip Advisor at: http://www.tripadvisor.com/UserReview


The common areas (kitchen, dining room, living room, terrace) have wireless Internet. The modem is located in the South Western corner of our dining room. The network is Vanuatu Rainbow Lodge. Check on the notice board for the Internet password.


Please keep your room key safe and secure at all times. Missing keys are a security issue. Please give your key to housekeeper at check-out or leave it on the dining table if you have an early morning departure.
If you lose your key there will be a VUV5,000 charge to replace it.

Laundry Service

Should you need it, there is a professional laundry service provider, Pacific Wash & Dry, located Picardie Street (1Km away) which charge VUV600 per washing machine load (up to 5Kg for one load), including soap. The wash and dry (15mn drying time) will cost you VUV1,600. Hand-washed clothes can be spun (VUV200) then dried (VUV600) if needed. It is open 07.30am-05pm on weekdays and 08.30am-12.30pm on weekend.
Otherwise our maid Therese will gladly help you by washing your clothes (hand-wash/ washing machine pending on clothes care requirement and dirtiness). Please let the management know if you need her service.
Price: VUV1,000 per load, including soap and clothe softener.

Maximum Number Of Occupants

Your rate is based on the number of guests on your confirmation. Our rooms allow a limited number of occupants. Please contact us for approval of extra guests and applicable charges. Additional guests may be asked to leave or you may be charged for each night the additional guest occupies the room.

Opening Hours

The guesthouse gate is open daily from 07.00am to 10.00pm. The manager lives on site; should he be unable to assist, please contact any of the following:
Marie-Willie – mother   77 43 010
Jean-Luc – father             77 43 125
Mathilde – friend             77 23 680


We have a little car park which can accommodate 2-3 vehicles.


We have guppies in the pond as well as a rooster, hens and their chicks in the backyard.
Eros (male dog) and Venus (female dog) both born in 2015, live happily on the property.


There are over 30 restaurants in Port-Vila to choose from. Please check the Restaurants Section in the Destination Vanuatu and in the Vanuatu Today & Tonight travel guides.
The closest ones are:
– MK Restaurant (Chinese cuisine)
– WarHorse Saloon (pizzeria and TexMex)
– Kanpai Restaurant (Japanese cuisine)
– StoneGrill Restaurant (beef and fishes)
– L’Houstalet (French cuisine and pizzeria)
– Indian Spice Restaurant (Indian cuisine)

Room Lockers And Safes

We have secured lockers in the Blue bedroom and safes in the Purple and Green bedrooms. We invite you to store any of your valuables in before leaving your room.


There is 24-hour security at the guesthouse with the management and guard dogs living on site.
From sunset till dawn there are 3 outdoor lights on (facing the Northern, Eastern and Western sides of the building, above the rooms’ windows). If, even with the curtains closed, it disturbs your sleep, please let us know and we will either show you how to close your wooden shutters or turn-off the lighting system. All guests’ doors have locks.
If you accidentally lock yourself out of the room, need assistance flagging down a bus or moving your luggage, please see one of us.

Rates/ Room Tax

Posted rates are per person for the Blue Room and double occupancy for the Purple and Green Rooms. We include applicable taxes in our rates.


The closest convenience store – called in Vanuatu ‘stoa’ for Chinese store – is located across the main street (I-MART), which you will find down the steps after turning left when exiting the property.
Au Bon Marche is the largest supermarket in Vanuatu and is only 5 minute walk away towards down town.


Consideration is given to guests with allergies. Indoor smoking is not permitted. Extra charges will be occurred if this policy is not honored. The charges are based on the fee for professional smoke cleaner services plus a fee for loss of business due to inability to rent to guests who have allergies. Several ashtrays are available in designated outdoor smoking areas.

Snorkeling And Diving Recommendations

A good snorkeler and good diver protect the underwater life. Similar to fish life, coral is also a live species, so please do not try to touch them or make them move as they will break off. Please also look after your fins on the sharp coral.
Enjoy the colors of this magnificent world and help us to protect it!

Swimming Pool

Our swimming pool is open daily from 07.00am to 10.00pm. There is no lifeguard on duty. Jumping or diving into the pool are not be advisable. Please refrain from standing or walking on the edge. The guesthouse will not be liable for any accident, injury or death in or around the pool.
Pool’s rules are displayed on a notice board, please take your time to read them.

Travel Insurance

WorldNomads is one of several companies which provide online travel insurance and emergency accident/ medical coverage.

The Vanuatu Rainbow Lodge is neither responsible nor liable for any damage, loss or delay incurred by any person to themselves or to their property as a result of the act or omission of any person which might result from the placement. Giving your credit card number indicates you accept our cancellation policy.

* Facilities *

  • Board Games & Books Available
  • BYO BBQ Area
  • Ceiling Fan & Portable Fans
  • Child-Free Environment
  • Flat Screen TV & DVD Player
  • Friendly Atmosphere
  • Free WiFi Internet Access
  • In-Room Safety Deposit Box
  • Large Built-In Wardrobes
  • Non-Smoking Rooms
  • Off Street Free Parking
  • Outdoor Swimming Pool
  • Clothing-Optional Sunbathing Areas
  • Tropical Garden