10 Frequently Asked Questions

1/ Will it be nice, hot and sunny when I will be in Vanuatu Islands?
What is Port-Vila current weather?

We are not weather gurus and can’t promise much on this topic, but bear in mind our tropical islands which means it is usually nicer (weather wise) here than in many other parts of the World: we usually don’t have below 16°C at night in Winter time, and rarely above 30°C at noon in Summer time. And don’t forget we are located in the Southern Hemisphere!
Our tropical archipelago features nice roaring waterfalls and some green lush vegetation – for your eyes’ pleasure – which would not be there without water. So yes, expect some rains during your stay!
For further information please read our provincial forecast bulletin.

2/ How easy is it to go to the other islands (out of Efate)?
What are the different options to travel to other Vanuatu islands?

It is fairly easy to visit Vanuatu Islands if you have a traveling budget or plenty of time:
– the fastest way is to fly Air Vanuatu domestic.
– you can also fly Air Melanesia, Air Safari, Air Taxi, BelAir Airways or Unity Airlines (charter flights with some ‘last minute’ or ‘stand-by’ rates).
– to take advantage of the beautiful our islands shores you may navigate with Big Sista and Vanuatu Ferry.
– for adventurous explorers the local cargo ships which trade between the islands are the cheapest option (the most scenic way to visit the islands but also the most uncomfortable and the most unsafe one). The inter-island ships are either docked at Paray Bay or after the main wharf: LC Brisk, LC Tina 1 (Northern route), LC Urata, Moika (Northern and Southern routes), Touraken 1 and Touraken 2 (Southern route), etc. Enquiries shall be made on-site as they usually don’t have offices.