Vanuatu Rainbow Lodge


Vanuatu – One of the Happiest Place on Earth

At Vanuatu Rainbow Lodge, we will not be the only one to tell you that ni-Vanuatu people live in the Happiest Place on Earth (and we are not talking about Disneyland, but real life!); the 2006 Happy Planet Index ranking says the same. Vanuatu appears to be the perfect place to live in regards to human well-being and lowest environmental impact per head, as it was the highest-ranked country in 2006 and took the 4th position in 2016!

Port-Vila – An Energetic and Lively City

You will never be bored in Port-Vila; there are too many things to do, too many things to see, too many things to experience! From the modern hustle and bustle of Downtown to the vintage appearance of the French Quarter, via Chinatown where you will feel like in Asia, Port-Vila is an always changing place with multiple faces. When you think that you have experienced everything, you discover something new.

Our capital city is a perfect destination for cultural experiences seekers and soft-adventure lovers, with its bountiful tourism activities, numerous shopping opportunities and amazing views.
The downtown scene, with eclectic shopping, fine dining, nightlife, and casinos, is a short drive away for those who choose to venture out.
At Vanuatu Rainbow Lodge, we would be glad to help you to find the perfect activities and places for you; do not hesitate to ask us all your questions.

Vanuatu Rainbow Lodge – Your Home Away from Home

The Vanuatu Rainbow Lodge is the unique straight-friendly guesthouse located in Vanuatu Islands, right in the South Pacific! Come to our tropical archipelago, and stay in our nicely appointed boutique retreat just 2 Km from Vanuatu capital city.
Located in a quiet residential neighborhood, 5 minutes drive from downtown Port-Vila, the Vanuatu Rainbow Lodge combines a conveniently located guesthouse with good comfort to create a nice and memorable experience for your ultimate Vanuatu trip.

With a maximum of 7 guests at a time the Vanuatu Rainbow Lodge is an oasis of relaxation and cultural experiences. Whether it is for your inter-islands transit, weekend escape, short or special occasion, you will not be disappointed.

We warmly invite you to come and discover what matters at Vanuatu Rainbow Lodge.

The Vanuatu Rainbow Lodge is an Adults Only retreat, with Clothing-Optional areas, and does not cater for children under the age of 16.

You are welcome to stay with us at Vanuatu Rainbow Lodge!

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