About Us

Sebastien Bador, owner & manager

DSCN1141aSebastien was born on the 06th of May 1983 at Port-Vila Central Hospital, on the island of Efate, SHEFA Province. He studied tourism in New-Caledonia and France, and returned to his beloved home country in 2008. He is working at the Vanuatu Tourism Office, where he started as Marketing Manager, and currently occupies the position of Manager New Caledonia Market. The Vanuatu Rainbow Lodge is a dream coming true as Sebastien always dreamt of having his own tourism accommodation to welcome visitors in his native land. The idea became reality when he bought this property in October 2013 and when it opened its doors to its first guests in May 2016.
You are more than welcome to ask him local travel tips and share your Vanuatu experience.

Friendly Pets living on the property

  • Venus (born on the 31st of December 2015) is a Blue Heeler/ Border Collie cross mix.
  • Eros (born on the 13th of October 2015) is a Red Heeler/ German Shepherd cross mix.
Eros & Venus
  • Many guppies in the pond,
  • 3 ducks, 3 laying hens and 1 local chick.

Our Culture

Vanuatu has a prolific cultural heritage; rich with arts and crafts, carvings, sand drawings, paintings, pottery, weaving, jewelry, traditional clothing and hand woven baskets….
We feel blessed to live here among the Happiest People on Earth (Happy Planet Index, 1st in 2006 and 4th in 2016!) and we want you to know just how special and talented our ni-Vanuatu people are. Speak freely with us as we are mines of information when it comes to WHERE TO GO and WHAT TO SEE and WHAT TO DO when you visit VANUATU ISLANDS.

Our Mission

Be Yourself!
Sebastien only ask our guests for one thing: to be themselves. When he first opened the Vanuatu Rainbow Lodge, it was the realization of a dream he had. A unique holiday concept for LGBTIQ people. A place where there are no disapproving glances, no need to conceal that instinctive gesture, that soft wanted caress. A place to smile and be happy where like-minded people can forget about pointing fingers and disapproving whispers. A place where all feel at ease and become part of a family that is steadily growing.

Core Values @Vanuatu Rainbow Lodge

We have five core values that we try to live by;
1. Guest focus, you will always feel important.
2. Affordability, you shall be satisfied.
3. Cozy factor, you should feel comfortable.
4. Bite trendy, you’ll get a sense of being at home.
5. Thoughtfulness, YOU are important to us.